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20 Creative First Date Ideas: Say Goodbye to Boring Dates

Whether You're an Adventurous Couple or Prefer Something More Low-Key, These 20 Creative First Date Ideas will Suit Any Type of Couple.

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The first date can give rise to several feelings, such as excitement, fear and anxiety. But, meeting new people is like that, and when that person can become the great love of your life, things get a little worse.

The key to a great first date is to do something you both enjoy. That way you will be comfortable and able to talk and truly connect.

In this article, we have listed 20 creative first date ideas that will help you impress your partner and win the second date.

Museum: Creative Ideas for First Date
Museum: Creative Ideas for First Date /

Creative first date ideas indoors

Cafe or bakery: A cafe is always a great place to talk and get to know each other. A piece of cake or dessert can sweeten your relationship. It’s a simple, delicious and creative way to get off on the right foot.

Museum: If you both like arts, it’s a great option. The artworks can help develop a nice and interesting conversation and you both can get to know each other. The museum is an enriching place and can make the first meeting something unforgettable.

Stand-up Show: Spending the night laughing and having fun is a great way to make the first date unforgettable. It’s also a great way to relieve the tension and anxiety of the moment.

Bowling or other games: Friendly competition over drinks and snacks is a perfect first date program, and can loosen up things. Not to mention the competition could assemble sexual tension.

Walk in Park: Creative First Date Ideas
Walk in Park: Creative First Date Ideas /

Creative outdoor first date ideas

Walk in the park: Explore nature together, enjoying the beautiful landscapes and birdsong. You can also do a small trail if you have an affinity for adventure. But, make sure your date also enjoys nature and its beauty.

Picnic: Nothing better than getting to know each other better over eating in the park or the beach environment. A picnic is super romantic, creative and can help you win the second date.

Music concert: Choose an artist that you both like and make the first date a unique moment in your relationship.

To help you with that, here’s some places you can discover concerts you may enjoy.

Cycling: Cycling with your partner through beautiful places. Enjoy and stop for a picnic or coffee. It’s fun and perfect for a couple who enjoy physical activities. You can rent bicycles if you don’t have one. Many cities offer this service.

Wine Tasting: Creative Idea for First Date
Wine Tasting: Creative Idea for First Date /

Romantic and creative first date ideas

Wine tasting: Wine helps build a romantic atmosphere. It’s the perfect opportunity to talk and learn a little more about wine. Besides, with a little buzz, you both can loosen up and start opening up for each other. Other than that, a drink or two may boost arousal and might help shake off some inhibitions and increase confidence.

Zoo: Animals are cute and fun, and can be perfect for a first date scenario. You can get to know each other better by talking about them, especially if you both like animals.

Aquarius: Aquarius is a great choice for the first date. The beauty of marine animals is incredible and can inspire your relationship. Colorful fish, mighty sharks and cute penguins can make your first date unforgettable and romantic.

Ice cream date: Having ice cream together is very romantic. Escape the dull dinners and chat in a relaxed way in a simple and delicious ice cream shop. 

Sunset: First Date Creative Ideas
Sunset: First Date Creative Ideas /

Cute and creative first date ideas

Sunset beach walk: The beach is already an amazing first date spot, with sunset it becomes perfect. It sets up a romantic mood to chat and it’s the ideal spot to your first kiss.

Dinner with a view: We are not talking about a simple dinner, we are talking about a dinner with an incredible view of the city or natural landscape. Choose some view that is unforgettable and inspires your conversation. Another perfect spot for the perfect kiss.

Stargazing: Extremely simple yet super cute and romantic. The stars can help your conversation flow and get to know each other like never before.

Boat trip: Rent a boat and take a cute ride. This is an intimate way for you to talk. You can go for a pedal boat or kayak as well, depending on the mood.

Hot air balloon ride: Enjoy the stunning scenery on an unforgettable and super cute first date. Surely this idea can lead you to the second date.

Frequently asked questions about the first date

Q: Is there an ideal outfit to wear on a first date?

A: There is no rule, but wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Mostly use common sense. Avoid wearing pajamas or a unicorn costume unless your date is really crazy!

Q: How can I not get nervous on the first date?

A: Nervousness is inevitable, but you have to face it. Take a deep breath, try to relax, and remember that the other person is most likely nervous too. Everything will be alright! Besides, if the person agreed on going out on a date with you, it’s a matter of fact that this person is interested in the real you.

Q: Do I need to pay the bill on the first date?

A: Usually the person who invites pays the bill, this is a pattern that goes beyond the first date. But if you both want to share, that’s also super cool. If you were invited, offer to split the bill.

Q: What do I do if I arrive late for the appointment?

A: It’s simple. Apologize sincerely and explain the reason for the delay. Being honest is the best way to resolve.If you are always-late kinda person, don´t forget to start getting ready early, the first impression always stains.


The big tip for a first date that leads to the second date is to choose an activity that allows you to talk and connect, and it’s something you both enjoy doing.

Whichever idea you choose, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Use these 20 creative first date ideas as inspiration to plan an unforgettable date with your date.

Have fun and good luck!

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Whether You're an Adventurous Couple or Prefer Something More Low-Key, These 20 Creative First Date Ideas will Suit Any Type of Couple.


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